There is a news for the youtube viewers that the WATCHED HISTORY in the youtube is showing the time, that how much time you spent on the app by watching videos that will be calculated and shows a particular time you spend on that day, yesterday and tomorrow and a past week.

This feature of time track spends on the app is already on the YOUTUBE’S KID’S app, the same they want with the main youtube app too. That how many hours a viewer spending by watching videos. This feature will be on the track by a month after that would remind the time.


By this time track, there will be a notification that to take a break from the app, and reminds you of a break.





There is an option for the viewer for the change in the time settings, it can be controlled by the time limit by the “digital wellbeing” tool.

If you’re watching videos continuously by losing your time track there will be a friendly reminder to note you by making a pop-up sound that your time is exceeding.

Beyond this viewer can also set the notification settings by putting only one notification per day and they can also set that when they want this push notification to receive by setting a time. By this viewer will receive only one notification per day to view.

Behalf of this there is another special setting that you can also set the timings of the notifications by not welcoming between the time of 10 pm and 8 am. so there will be no disturbance for the viewer when it’s time to sleep with the vibrating notifications.

Youtube is one of the most time spending apps on social media platforms. It has taken an initiative that people are spending most of the time with social media. So, it came to a decision and help people to reduce there quality time on spending with their cell phones and Google and Apple also have taken a part of change their functions to help the viewers to monitor there the time that they spend on iOS and Android phones.

This is a great change from all the social media like Instagram, youtube and google. That viewers not to look at their cell phones and make a change for the viewer to detach themselves by the time track. But there will a little bad time for the advertising sectors that they couldn’t connect much time with the viewers by this time track change.




This was the first social media app to have appeared within the time track on Marketing Land for the viewer’s benefit.

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