Teenagers have abandoned Facebook-2018 Report say



The latest report in 2018  by the Pew research has come to the declaration that the most popular using social platform is YOUTUBE among all social media sites.


As the previous survey of the year 2014 to 2015 by the Pew research says that Facebook is the first position among the social media platforms at that time period. But, this time there is a drastic change among the customers of using social media platforms of 2018.


For most of all businesses need to analyze, that which social platform is widely used and popular with many numbers of targeted audiences are viewed all most all the time. By this analytical, you can know the best social media platform with the greater targeted audience and you can reach your targeted business through the survey.


The Pew research center has conducted the survey online from 7th March to 10th April 2018. In this research survey, both parents and teenagers of under age group of 13 to 17 have participated


In this year survey of Pew research center teenagers aged  13 to 17 by there usage of social media platform came to the declaration of the platform places. By this youtube is at 85% placed as first among all the social sites, Instagram places second with 72%, Third place by snapchat with 69% and here comes the facebook is placed as number four in social media site with just 51%.


Youtube popularity has increased with smart digital technologies and its creators and audience growth has raised. With this youtube became a great platform for many users and audience to advertise and get entertain with many benefits.


It is a great platform to promote and advertise your own publicity for your business with many options and benefits with youtube.



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